This ad delivers a very important message for West Virginians. Particularly those who want to keep their job or hope to find a job near home. The ad also reminds us all how long we have lived in poverty and in fear of being unable to support our families in West Virginia.

Personally, I am reminded that even when I graduated from Marshall in 1972 I had to leave West Virginia to find a job. We have been the victim of career politicians putting themselves first and their voters last for decades. In fact, combined Manchin and Jenkins themselves have represented many of us in one political office or another for nearly 60 years.

The question we must ask ourselves is why would we even consider re-electing Joe Manchin to be our Senator again or promoting Evan Jenkins – i.e. from one of our U.S. District House Representatives to one of our Senators. Our state is last in the nation in many economic respects and Jenkins’ District is last within the state.

Our children and grandchildren deserve much more from us than Manchin and Jenkins can provide even if they wanted to. Neither know anything about job creation, or how companies choose where to locate their business, or what is needed by businesses to be successful. Neither have ever created a job in the private sector.

This election is an opportunity for us to send a signal to companies that want to come to West Virginia. By electing Don Blankenship the message to employers will be clear and unmistakable. West Virginians want companies to come here and to provide us good, safe and secure jobs.

Electing either Manchin or Jenkins will send an entirely different message. That message is that we want you to come here but we want to keep in place two guys that might change their stripes in an instant and who will turn their back on you anytime its the politically correct time to do so.

What businesses want are drug and crime free communities, good workers, minimal lawsuits, reasonable tax rates, and consistently reasonable regulations. No company will believe they can get that so long as Evan Jenkins or Joe Manchin is our Senator.

The road to prosperity is right in front of us. Now is the time to take that road.