Williamson, W.Va. – Don Blankenship, former CEO of Massey Energy Company and candidate for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement in response to questions about his new campaign ad.

The media has asked to see the documents that are referenced in our latest ad, the Wall Street Journal and others included.

The television ad says that the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) “fixed” their Internal Review report when the first drafts appeared to say that MSHA was responsible for a “defective ventilation plan.” The ad also says that lead MSHA coal mine regulator Kevin Stricklin intimidated investigation team members, that MSHA altered charts making them “unreadable” and that MSHA had a “shredding party” in Beckley.

My view is that the media should first ask MSHA whether my accusations are true or false. I am the accuser. It’s MSHA’s job to defend themselves not mine. If the documents described in the ad do not exist let MSHA say so. Perhaps the media should ask U.S. Senator Joe Manchin whether the documents exist. It’s not my role to defend MSHA. If they will deny that the documents exist then I will give them to you.

You might also want to ask Kevin Stricklin how he knew the operator blew up the mine before an investigation. Ask MSHA ventilation specialist Joe Mackowiac whether Bill Ross lied on the stand when he testified that documents were missing from the MSHA office right after the explosion. Ask whether Mackowiac carried documents out of the MSHA office in trash bags. You can help save coal miners lives by getting answers to these questions.

Also many of you have asked when I will talk about or run ads about other issues. The answer is after the first of the year.

My positions on issues will not surprise you. Basically I will run on a platform that is very unpopular in Washington DC (i.e. Americans First). I will run on reducing regulations, reducing corruption, reducing poverty, reducing the size of government, reducing the budget deficit, reducing illegal immigration, and reducing unfair trade.

Candidates Jenkins, Morrissey and Copley may even agree with these positions. The difference between me and all the other candidates is that I can and will actually help President Trump get it done. I will not only help drain the swamp I will help flush it. Washington has to be flushed if you and other working and needy Americans are to have the quality of life that you and they deserve.

Although a campaign slogan has not been chosen “FLUSH THE SWAMP” is under consideration.