Upon his release from prison, Don Blankenship is now again able to exercise is Right to Free Speech, which is guaranteed under the First Amendment. Here are some of the Tweets that he released in the first days after his release.

Ann Coulter free speech in news lately. She’s lucky- govt put me under $5 mil bond, gag order, and in prison said my speech “troubles the US”

Its no surprise that the UBB truth “troubles” the govt. Govt bureaucrats are always “troubled” when the truth exposes their lies.

Free speech was expensive for me but UBB truth had to be told. Natural gas explosion just days after government/MSHA made miners cut airflow.

Chemistry and forensic science make the UBB truth clear. Political science made it necessary that the Joes–Manchin and Main hide the truth.

If mine management had insisted UBB airflow be cut in half before the explosion it would have been news. Fact the govt did it is not news.

Media saying Roberts, Manchin and Main oversaw independent UBB investigations is like saying the 3 Stooges were independent of each other.

Manchin-MSHA lied about deceased miners. Forced miners to reduce air and then said miners were at fault. Shameful!!!!

In the future Mine Safety and Health Administration must not be allowed to investigate itself.

Government witnesses swore under oath at trial that MSHA demanded airflow be cut. They “begged” MSHA not to cut air.

UBB truth is critical to improving miner safety. Hiding the truth puts miners at risk.

I again challenge Sen Manchin to debate UBB truth. A US Senator who says I have “blood on my hands” should be man enough to face me in public.

Good day yesterday. Manchin slandered me again. Bad habit Joe has. My attorneys reviewing potential lawsuit.

Manchin said I conspired to commit safety violations that caused the death of 29 miners. Not true. He needs to apologize now.

MSHA refused to comment on my tweets yesterday. MSHA cut air in half, mine exploded and they lied about it. Nothing left for them to say.

When Manchin addresses the families as he did yesterday he needs to mix in a little truth. They deserve the truth.

MSHA should turn over gas analysis, emails, and missing documents to the U.S. Senate. Manchin could then provide explosion facts vs gossip.

Press should ask experts what temperature the mine explosion reached. Whether temperature explosion was gas or coal dust level.

Ask MSHA whether they required airflow to be cut in half or whether government witnesses lied under oath at my trial. Which is it?

Again one or the other lied. MSHA or prosecution witnesses. Which one is it?

Funny that before investigation MSHA knew and said “operator blew up mine MSHA didn’t”. Now they have no comment. Why not?

Manchin said yesterday I should disappear. MSHA makes emails and documents disappear so maybe he should ask them to make me disappear.

Manchin put politics over miner safety and truth. He uses families as political pawns. Shameful!!!!

Senator Manchin. Are you going to debate the facts or just continue your slander?