The documentary titled “Regcession – Enough is Enough” has been released to YouTube and is available at as well. We also plan to air it on WVAH channel 11 at 5pm Thursday October 23rd.

REGCESSION – The EPA Is Destroying America from Donald Blankenship on Vimeo.

The documentary explains the negative impacts that excessive EPA regulations (many of which are founded on the myth of Global Warming) are having on America. The hoax is costing millions of Americans their jobs and is putting America at risk of financial failure. The documentary also explains that some politicians are directing government stimulus spending to so called Green Energy Companies so has to benefit their own families and friends who are often involved with these Green companies. It points out that the actions of the EPA are increasing rather than decreasing world pollution. It also criticizes Corporate America executives for ignoring their Pledge of Allegiance to America and entering into US trade policies which benefit most everyone except American workers. The documentary also warns that American policies are creating not only a Chinese economy that is bigger than the American economy but perhaps a military that will also become bigger than Americas someday as well. You can see the entire documentary by watching it above. Please let us and the politicians know your views.

The best hope the messages of this documentary have of making a positive difference for Americans is that it be widely distributed on the internet. The media and the politicians, as well as much of corporate America and the unions, do not want the truth to be known about how the scare of Global Warming is being used to benefit a handful of wealthy Americans, foreign countries, foreign workers and environmental organizations at the expense of America itself. Therefore if you believe the documentary can help America please forward a link to all your friends, relatives, and associates.

Be sure to watch the entire video if you possibly can as it is filled with information throughout.


-Don Blankenship