The work on the next documentary continues. My hope is that it will bring a new perspective to the miserable condition of our country’s finances and to why American workers have so little to celebrate on Labor Day. Most importantly the documentary will make clear who is at fault. This past week I attended several seminars to gather information for the documentary.

The UBB Never Again documentary is still getting thousands of hits on You Tube and the websites. We will continue to fight for the truth about the UBB accident and push for meaningful mine safety improvements. The politicians have made it clear that miner safety is nothing more than a campaign promise to them. They can no longer legitimately claim to be concerned about miner safety. Senator Manchin and all West Virginia Congressional members now know the truth about UBB so they have no excuse for not passing meaningful safety legislation. Senator Manchin also refuses to debate about UBB because he knows the government investigation reports and his friend Davitt McAteer’s report are disgraceful examples of another government cover-up. He and the other legislators also know that idling scrubbers is an action only the ignorant and the evil would take. It is scary when elected officials are willing to risk miner’s lives and lie rather than simply doing the right thing and yet that is exactly what they are doing.

As for the coal industry the public companies continue to lose money at an alarming rate. Despite having little to lose at this point they still live in fear of Government retaliation and therefore refuse to publicly tell the truth either about MSHA’s actions which are endangering miners or about EPA actions that are nonsensical and based on lies. Coal industry executives cannot expect to be treated respectfully while cowering from those that malign them every day. Coal executives must speak up or legislators will not be supportive of coal nor will anyone else take up coal’s cause. If you won’t fight for yourself no one will fight for you.

A special message from me to President Hussein Obama relative to his Global Warming commentary – “It is better to be a Denier than a Liar”.

Don Blankenship