Earlier this month the Australian government repealed their carbon tax. This was specifically important to the people of Australia but it also symbolizes the increasing recognition around the world that the science is not settled as to Climate Change despite Obama’s declaration to the contrary. In fact the world continues to learn that the Global Warming is a big business and not a big cause. It is a business scam of massive proportion and to call it anything else is to be a denier of the truth.

The Australian change in direction as to the carbon tax, the fact the world has been cooling for 17 years not warming, the total failure of the climate change models to predict the temperature or hurricane activity, the UN email gate, the recent news that NASA’s guy James Hansen has intentionally falsified his historical temperature charts, and the clear falsity of the “Greeniacs” claim that 97% of scientists agree that man-made global warming is an issue are all providing the coal industry and others wanting the truth with an incredible list of valuable facts. Facts which could be used to educate the general public about the hoax of manmade global warming. These facts provide opportunities to end the politicians and the United Nations fabricated drama. It’s an opportunity to tell Americans that America doesn’t have to destroy itself by regulating itself out of business to save the planet.

Yet despite this long list of facts that could help the public begin to understand that claims of catastrophic man-made climate change is a scam the individuals in a position to make these points still cower from the opportunity. As an example Peabody Energy CEO Greg Boyce said regarding the Australian carbon tax repeal that it is a move American policy makers could learn from. He then went on to say that technology not taxes is the way to reduce carbon emissions in the future.

Greg’s statements actually support the false notion that man-made climate change is an issue that needs to be dealt with by Americans. His statements support the false view that by sequestering carbon emissions at a huge expense to Americans and to our country itself we can save the planet from overheating. This is clearly nonsense. Americans have already paid too big a price trying to fix a problem that has not occurred and is not occurring and which may never occur. Greg shows his utter thirst for political acceptance, his lack of concern that American workers and the poor are already suffering from outrageous power bills, and the fact that subsidizing carbon emission reduction is a theft of American taxpayer funds that are badly needed to address government debt and to deal with truly meaningful issues in our country today.

The American coal and electric utility industries repetitively miss the point and the opportunities. The coal industry has had a “be politically correct strategy” for more than two decades. They are literally watching their companies go bankrupt as they practice political correctness and access politics and watch their market share deteriorate year after year. Their shareholders should be irate but so too should all Americans. The utility industry is perhaps worse than the coal industry. It too is playing a major role in this scamming of Americans. The utilities are fine with Americans paying higher power bills so long as the government reimburses the utilities for the billions of dollars being wasted to comply with the EPA nonsense. Even worse they love it when not only does the government reimburse them with taxpayer dollars but they are also allowed to raise the electric bills yet again on those same taxpayers.

Corporate executives need to be reminded that it is America and Americans that makes their businesses possible. If they continue to help the “Greeniacs” and the politicians rape and scam America they will eventually destroy themselves. It is time for executives to take their Pledge of Allegiance to America seriously and to demand that whatever taxpayer money might be spent to sequester carbon instead be spent to sequester part our country’s 17+ trillion dollar debt.