It seems that every week there is more news of layoffs in the coal fields. An industry that was once the backbone of American industry and electricity supply has now been branded as dirty, evil and unnecessary. It doesn’t matter to the D.C. cuckoo’s that coal miners lose their jobs and Americans pay higher electric bills. What matters most to those in D.C. is that they brand themselves as living for the planet, supporting green energy, and as being forward thinkers.

What better proof could you have that Washington D.C. is full of cuckoos than their belief that they can control the earth’s temperature or climate. These guys and gals can’t control a government budget, let alone a planets climate.

The EPA – (Equal Poverty for All) is full of cuckoos. But one thing you have to say for the cuckoos is that they are determined. Unlike industry executives, they will stand and fight. Coal, utility and other industry chiefs instead either turn and run or else try to make a profit off of the cuckoo’s demands.

One of my postings here was titled “Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” The main point made by that essay was that our Washington, D.C. President, Senators, and Congressman are cuckoo if they believe the actions they have been taking will create a better life for Americans and make our country secure.

Our President doesn’t have a clue about what made America great or will keep it so. Since my last essay wherein I said “our government has been struggling with which Syrians should be helped to kill which Syrians,” the cuckoos have continued their craziness. Obama afterward made it his goal to decide how Syrians kill Syrians- i.e. with guns, bombs, or gas. Only, the Russian President Putin saved more Syrian deaths at the hands of American bombs.

Think about this – Obama wants to control American’s access to guns while he arms various elements of the Arab world with far worse than assault rifles. He opposes the death penalty, while he supports the killing of Syrians with U.S. bombs. This is the same President that reportedly thought we have 57 or 59 states during his 2008 campaign.

Those in Congress just can’t accept that taxpaying Americans, unemployed Americans, food stamp receiving Americans, nor working Americans do not want to fund the policing of the world. We don’t want to involve ourselves in every conflict in the world, and we don’t want to spend billions protecting those that make billions off of our trade with them. Saudi Arabia can pay for its own protection.

The Washington bureaucrats would have you believe that Americans just don’t understand. They think it’s all too complicated for Americans to digest. The cuckoos are wrong. Americans do understand. They understand that determining how Syrians kill Syrians will not make American life better and they understand that a debt limit needs to be set in dollars and not a date like February 7th.