Larry Puccio asked Republicans whether they agree with my view that the West Virginia media is not helping fight for coal and coal miners. Larry doesn’t get it at all. You don’t have the only area of the world with declining coal production if your government, your media, your industry, and your business community all favor coal. The question I have for Larry is how many Republicans supported Obama?

As to whether Republicans agree with my views on safety it doesn’t matter. Physics and chemistry agree with my views and while politicians can change manmade laws no politician from either party can change the laws of science. . .


November 21, 2013

Contact: Jacob M. Winowich



Larry Puccio, Chairman of the Democratic Party of West Virginia, released the following statement in response to Don Blankenship’s interview today:

Don Blankenship is at it again. Today the former CEO of Massey Energy spent a full hour on the radio accusing Hoppy Kercheval, the Charleston Gazette, and other journalist of fighting on the EPA’s side in the war on coal.

Blankenship failed to mention that last year he, Shelley Moore Capito and David McKinley poured nearly $100,000 into a PAC attempting to defeat Democrats in the House of Delegate – the very delegates who have been standing up for the coal mining jobs of West Virginia. And they’re gearing up to do the same in 2014.

So today, we are calling on Reps. Capito and McKinley to say whether or not they also share the same views as Blankenship on mine safety.