Don Blankenship for President


At the Informed American, we don't endorse candidates. What we DO endorse however is you having knowledge about ALL the candidates... so you can make an INFORMED decision for yourself at the polls this November.

Like many third party candidates, Don Blankenship is silenced by the main stream media. And in case you are unaware of his campaign, the Informed American has dedicated this video to bring you information about his platform.

In this exclusive interview, Dave sits down and talks with the Constitution Party Presidential candidate himself to learn more about his policies including: trade, gun laws, the Supreme Court, immigration, and more!

Government response to global warming has been mired in controversy. Are nations doing enough to curb the crisis, or are they overreacting? At the center of this debate lies the United States. Many believe the gridlock in Washington has prevented the U.S. from taking a meaningful leadership role in the fight against climate change. The producers of the documentary Regcession take a different view. For them, the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have only worked to line the pockets of emerging Green Movement industries while placing the nation's economy at risk with oppressive and profit-crushing regulations.

The filmmakers contend that the U.S. is undergoing more than just a periodic recession. Amidst a tidal wave of crippling regulations, businesses are forgoing national duty by moving overseas for the promise of greater profits. This mass exodus has decimated the U.S. economy, and fostered a culture where it's acceptable for American-bred companies to abandon their own. The film asserts that these same attitudes are reflected in the U.S. government's assumed role as the world's policemen. They borrow money from foreign nations for the benefit of interests outside of their own country, mire themselves in wars that fatten the bottom lines of international corporations, and bail out auto manufacturers who continue to produce 70% of their vehicles overseas.

Think you know Don Blankenship?  You don’t.  Click here to see the real story.  

The whole story.  

Find out why corrupt union leaders, Democrat bureaucrats, and environmental leftists all hate Don Blankenship. 

And why America needs his Third Way in 2020.




Does Senator Wyden of Oregon disagree with the idea that removing a Judge who not only released a pedophile, but ordered, that is “ordered,” not just “allowed”, a pedophile to work at a school is good “For the Sake of the Kids”?

Attached is a link to another example of ignorance from the mouth of a Senator who has no idea what he is talking about. Senator Wyden criticizes my setting up a PAC in 2004 to defeat Judge Warren McGraw.

Judge Warren McGraw had voted to release a pedophile from prison after he had served just days of a three-decade sentence. If not, perhaps Wyden himself is a pedophile.

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