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Why I don’t trust the media…and you shouldn’t either



Most Americans are now aware that a lot of what we hear and see on national television news is not true. Most Americans are also aware that our country is facing some tough issues.

But despite being aware that the American press is untruthful and that the country has some very concerning problems, they likely do not realize how closely these two facts are related.

The founders of America gave the press tremendous freedom to say and write what they pleased. Their thought was that if the press were to be the watchdog of the government on behalf of the people the press had to have an unfettered right to criticize even if occasionally the press slanted or exaggerated their stories.

Over the years American courts made the rights of the free press even greater. More than fifty years ago a landmark Supreme Court case, New York Times vs Sullivan, opened the door to more cases and more case law that actually made it nearly impossible for so called “public figures” like myself to win a defamation lawsuit.

As a result the press reached the point of openly defaming “public figure” Americans. Public figure Americans being people well known to the public and not just publicly elected officials.

The free press abuse of the free press privileges our founders and our courts gave them has reached an unprecedented level of abuse. This abuse of free speech rights crossed the line of acceptability in the days leading up to the 2018 West Virginia primary election.

I had taken the polling lead in the race to become the Republican Party nominee for a WV US Senate seat. But Republican members of the US Senate, including their leader Mitch McConnell, did not want me to win the nomination. Media reports surfaced saying that McConnell and other Senators met and decided that they would ask the National Republican Senatorial Committee to make a menu of items to stop me from winning.

Shortly thereafter the national media including Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and dozens of others falsely began to refer to me as a felon with Judge Napolitano going so far as to say I had gone to prison for manslaughter. These were false statements that were clearly intended to destroy my chances of winning the election. The lies worked and I lost the election despite having a large lead in the polls pre the defamatory barrage by the press.

A key point of the above are that the lies about me are unquestionably lies. I have never been sent to prison for manslaughter nor convicted of any felony. A second key point is that the press instead of defending a person against the government was actually spreading lies about a person who was being critical of the government.

The press likely felt that given the free press rights the courts had granted them, they could say most anything without fear of a lawsuit. Negative media comments about a public figure such as myself were common – after all they had the backing of key government officials.

But I sued these press outlets and even the son of the President Donald Trump Jr. for defamation. The status of the case is as follows.

A Federal judge dismissed my case against many individuals who defamed me saying I could not sue them individually in WV, but rather would have to sue them in the states where they live. It is impractical to file that many lawsuits so I have not sued the individuals except for two who live in Virginia.

But the judge did allow my lawsuit to continue against the major corporations including FOX, CNN, and MSNBC. He also allowed the suit to continue against more than a dozen other media outlets.

Again, most people do not understand the magnitude of this case nor what it might mean to helping fix some of the many issues plaguing America.

Control of the press by government is a common fact in communist and socialist countries. It is critical that we not allow the press to be controlled by the American government. Also, the press cannot be allowed to defame people who seek to defeat incumbent politicians during elections. If the press is allowed to do so our democracy or republic will not survive.

Most Americans are not aware of how bad it is. Nor are they aware that these national television broadcasters like CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc. are owned by companies like AT&T, Disney, and Comcast. Companies that are valued at more than a half a trillion dollars.

These companies are greatly impacted by government policies, the allocation of stimulus money, and social matters. Their best interests and financial welfare is often not aligned with the average Americans best interests.

I have told you all the above in hopes that you might gain a greater sense of how important my lawsuit against these companies is. If I fail and these multibillion dollar companies can call non-establishment candidates for federal offices felons or say they went to prison for manslaughter then fascism is not many steps away from Americans’ front door.

President Trump calls the press misreporting fake news. But it is worse than fake news in many cases because it is Russian style Cold War propaganda spread by US government officials. Outright lies that no one dares challenge.

The good news is that my lawsuit against these large corporations, as I previously reported, survived motions to dismiss by these mega companies. However, they have filed motions for reconsideration, which in layman terms means they have asked the judge to change his mind and dismiss the lawsuit. The judge has not yet ruled on that.

The current stage of the suit is what is called document discovery. The dozen or so high profile genius attorneys representing these conglomerate companies are doing all they can to avoid turning over documents, even humorously arguing that looking for the documents is too expensive. I guess they figure that Americans rights to fair elections is not worth much.

My attorneys are also attempting to arrange depositions, i.e. under oath interviews, with the persons who on these network broadcasts said I was a felon. The media attorneys will likely drag that process out as long as they can too.

Most people think of me as the Goliath in most public battles I undertake, but when the government tried to imprison me for life for what they did I was David for sure. In this battle I am also clearly David.

My slingshot is the people. People like you and those who were on the jury during my criminal trial. People that understand how corrupt our media and government are.

The stone in my slingshot is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Stay tuned, the next few months might tell us whether the first amendment lives on or dies.


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